08 August 2013

No sound on TV via HDMI from my MacBook Pro

src : http://spielbergfanclub.com/2011/07/the-goonies-trailer-poster-plot/
The other day my kids wanted to watch "The Goonies" that I had on my MacBook. So I connected it to our Samsung TV with an HDMI cable. My desktop was mirrored on the TV and everything looked good but there was no sound from the TV!

Every father knows that this is a recipe for disaster. You can't promise a movie and not deliver. So while the popcorn was in the microwave I googled for answers and I found this and this explaining how to send the sound to the TV.
I did what they suggested, holding Option while clicking the sound icon and I chose Samsung TV as my output. Still no sound...

While the pressure was mounting from the sofa I had a small epiphany. I tried restarting VLC, the video player I was using, and indeed that brought the sound to the TV. So it looks like VLC hooks onto the current sound output at startup and it won't switch while it is running. I'll have to check if this is the case for other players as well, but if you have problems with the sound output on HDMI you may just need to restart your player...

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